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Welcome at Casa Generosa

Casa Generosa (Generosa House) is perfect for visiting Rome, living in a indipendent quiet house, with garden, well connected to city center.

Your registration and suggestions are very appreciated. Also on Facebook. You can receive special offers subscribing our mailing list.

Rent Casa Generosa (Generosa House)

You can rent for short period Casa Generosa (Generosa House), following the link:

Photo gallery

Photo gallery


The Neighborhood

The following map show the main point of interest around the house.

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You can find:

Public transportation

The information on public transportation is avalaible at:

Public transportation

Main destinations

Casa Generosa is convenient for sleeping near

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Touristic destinations

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New Year's Day 2017 Parties

Some ideas to celebrate the new year.

New Year's Day Parties

Special offers

To eat

Trattoria la Tavernaccia (Restaurant) and Arvali's Temple


Greg & Anna's family
Bryan & Anna's family
Renata & Marcin's family
Katharina & Christoff
Eduardo’s family